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Beauty Brow and Lash Bar Prahran

If you are looking for a beauty brow and lash bar Prahran, come and visit ARDOUR Brows and Lashes. Specialising in brow and eyelash care, we can help you look and feel more confident.You can say goodbye to fixing your brows and lashes every morning. At ARDOUR, your brows will look more shapely and your lashes fuller for weeks!

Why Choose Our Eyelash Lift Prahran Service

Are your lashes making your eyes appear droopy? Are you tired of having to use eye curlers every day? Achieving those luscious lashes without the hassle of using eye curlers and mascara is now possible. Our lash extensions Prahran and lash lift Prahran service can solve your problem.

Our lash lifting service focuses more on giving your top lashes a more defined look. When you choose our eyelash lift Prahran, your lashes will be treated with our special formula. Our specialists apply it on your lashes to help give your lashes a more defined look.

The entire treatment will take just half an hour, but the results will last up to 6 weeks. Take advantage of our lash lift Prahran and see the results for yourself!

Services Offered at ARDOUR Brow and Lash Bar Prahran

Aside from lash lift Prahran, ARDOUR has an extensive list of services offered. Among these are:

Eyelash Extensions

Our eyelash extensions Prahran are geared toward customers in need of fuller lashes. We do not simply apply lash extensions. Our specialists customise the type of lash extensions based on your lash colors and preferences. When you choose our lash extensions Prahran, you will have a more natural-looking extensions.

Eyelash Tint

Another service you can get from our eyelash extensions Prahran is tinting. It doesn’t matter whether you want to stick to your natural lash colors or if you want to try something new. We will make it happen. We offer colour matching to find the perfect one for you. Our lash tinting service will only take less than 20 minutes.

Brow Shaping

You don’t have to struggle fixing your brows every time you leave home. At ARDOUR, we will help fix your unruly brows for you. We specialise in brow contouring to give your eyebrows a more sculpted look. It is time to give your brows the care they need with our experts’ help.

Tips for Choosing the Best Brow and Lash Bar in Prahran

You may feel overwhelmed when searching for brow and lash bars. Consider these factors to find the right shop.


Choose specialists who offer a consultation before treatment. Being able to discuss your preferences is important.

Services Offered

Check and compare services offered by brow and lash bars. This will give you an idea on which ones provide competitive options.


Comparing rates from different brow and lash bars can help you find the best one for your budget. But don’t forget the experience and expertise of their specialists.

You will get the best value for your money at ARDOUR Brows and Lashes. Each of our team members has their own specialty to offer. Whether you want to have your brows shaped or get lash extensions, we got you covered.

Get natural-looking lashes at Beauty Brow and Lash Bar in Prahran

We guarantee excellent results with our lash services. Let our experts guide you in choosing the best option for your lashes to get the best results.

Book an appointment with us to see the difference our services can make.


  • First time ive been here and i will definitely be back!.
    Rachael Sargent
  • After googling and contacting every lash salon in Melbourne, in search of an expert in wetlook lashes, I discovered Ardour Brows & Lashes. For over two years now Sanaz has been my lash technician and brow expert. She is the best in the beauty business. At my very first appointment she understood the natural lash extensions look and subtle brow shape I desired. Sanaz's attention to detail is exceptional and her warm and friendly personality is beautiful. From the amazing service to the adorable decor, my experience at Ardour Brows & Lashes is always wonderful. And I'm constantly receiving compliments by friends and strangers on my lovely lashes thanks to Sanaz. ❤
    Jess V
  • Very gentle & very well skilled - I was thrilled with my brows & lashes and will most definitely be returning to Brow Bar Hampton St.
    Saabina Forrester