Facial Hair Removal Near Me | Lip and Chin Hair Removal

Lip & Chin Hair Removal

Lip & Chin Hair Removal


Getting up in the morning and seeing those annoying hairs lurking around your chin and lips again is a dreaded feeling. We know. That’s precisely why we’ve made our lip and chin hair removal services available to our clients – allowing you to get rid of those strays quickly.

Using gentle, nurturing wax, we remove these nasties from the area. Completed by highly trained Ardour Artists, this service incorporates careful techniques and high-quality wax formulas to leave your skin feeling silky-smooth, hair-free and soft to touch.

Does removing facial hair make it grow back thicker?

No! This myth is one we get asked about a lot, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. However, we do recommend that you always opt for a professional to do this task for you, as we ensure that no damage is inflicted on your skin. Keeping the temperature of the wax exactly where it should be, we utilise the safest formulas and techniques possible to leave you with results you can take pride in.

Best of all, waxing doesn’t mean you’ll have thicker, darker hair popping up as a result – this myth is one you can leave at the door.

The benefits of waxing over shaving

Some women opt for shaving, generally because it causes zero discomfort. However, there are cons to this alternative, making waxing far more effective and efficient to maintain.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose wax strips over shaving blades:

  • It lasts much longer because the root of each hair is pulled out
  • There’s no chance of cuts or nicks (or potentially scarring)
  • Shaving can sometimes cause irritation and rashes
  • Shaving often results in the ‘stubble’ feeling, meaning you never truly get that hair-free, smooth touch
  • When done by a trained professional (like those in our team) waxing doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

Ready to get started?

Get hair-free now and book your appointment with ARDOUR Brows & Lashes. We’re here to help you regain the confidence you deserve.