About ARDOUR - Ardour Brows and Lashes


Welcome to ARDOUR Brows & Lashes

Why are we changing our name from THE BROW BAR to ARDOUR Brows & Lashes?

For years our dedicated team of brow artists have been giving your brows the tender, love and care they truly deserve.

Along this journey to mastering the craft of your brows we’ve discovered that you are leaving our salons absolutely thrilled with your lashes too!

Lash lifts, lash colours and classic lash extensions are gaining immense popularity at our salons. As a result, we are now known not only for our amazing brows but also our gorgeous lashes.

So ultimately… we have decided to change our name. Welcome and introducing ARDOUR Brows & Lashes!

The ARDOUR Philosophy

The true meaning of ARDOUR is to have great passion and enthusiasm.

Here at ARDOUR Brows & Lashes we are a true reflection of our name.

Our interpretation of ARDOUR is carried through our service to you. At ARDOUR we aim to make you feel truly beautiful inside and out.

We are committed to providing you and your beloved brows and lashes the best possible experience. We pride ourselves on having an amazing team of experienced Ardour Artists who aim to deliver exceptional service and results every time. If you’re looking for a lash lift, brow shaping and tint or classic lash extension we’ve got you covered.

Once you‘ve had your ARDOUR experience you’ll leave our salon doors with not only luxe brows and lashes to die for… you will also feel confident, empowered and ready to take on the world.

So what’s changed?

We’re glad to tell you that your dedicated artists are here to stay… every time you visit us you will be greeted by familiar faces who will continue to provide the premium experience you’ve always known. Our salon locations and contact phone numbers will also remain unchanged.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to ARDOUR Brows and Lashes. We are sure that you will soon feel the sense of pride we share in belonging to this new chapter.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love ARDOUR Team