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Men’s Brows

Men’s Brows


We know men want to look good and have fun too! Men need regular brow upkeep just like women do, and services for men don’t stray too far from female brow services. Male brows just require less work as men often want to maintain a natural and masculine looking brow.

To put it simply, men just want their brows tidied up and tamed.

Our ARDOUR Men’s Brow Service is your one stop for perfected brows. With a bit of waxing and tweezing, some trimming, and a complimentary colour, groomed brows are all yours. We’ll help you maintain a natural, masculine look whilst giving you the clean brows you deserve. Whatever your brows require, our Ardour Artists are ready to transform your look. With your groomed eyebrows you’ll look more masculine, handsome and ready to leave a lasting impression.

What it includes

  • 20 minutes with one of our experienced brow artists
  • A mini consultation to cover your needs and any concerns
  • Our precision 5-way wax to clean around the brow
  • Specialist tweezer techniques to shape and define
  • Complimentary brow colour

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