Ardour Brows and Lashes | FAQ


What Is “The Ardour Signature”?

The Ardour Signature is the name of our brow waxing/tweezing service. We use an alignment process that follows your face’s ‘lift lines’, giving you the perfect brow shape for your face. This also helps give a natural lift to the eye and enhances your youth

How Often Should I Get My Brows Done?

We recommend every 4-6 weeks. This will allow enough time for all brow hairs to remain in the same growth cycle whilst still maintaining a groomed brow.

How Long Does a Brow Colour Last?

A brow colour will last up to 2-3 weeks. This depends on hair and skin types, daily activities, and your skin care routine.

Do my eyebrows have to be grown out before my first appointment?

To get the best results, we recommend you grow out your eyebrows before your first appointment. However, we understand that this can be difficult, so we can make do with approximately three weeks’ growth. If you are after a specific shape or look, you may need further growth. Because of this, we prefer that you do not tweeze the area during this time, and regularly visit to maintain the look carefully.

How often should I get my brows done?

Ultimately, this depends on the service you’ve undergone, but we’ve noted a basic guideline below:

Waxing: Rebook after 4-6 weeks. After this time, you’ll notice strays popping up and the brows becoming untidy. The shape will also start to disappear.

Henna Colour: Lasts for approximately 4-7 weeks, so we recommend booking in another appointment after this period. 

Please note that we do not apply henna to customers on the very first appointment. This is because we require a consultation to ensure your objectives and our services are able to achieve the specific look you’re after. It will also help our Ardour Artists assess the colour required and the level of complexity involved.

Brow Colour: A brow colour will last up to 2-3 weeks. This depends on hair and skin types, daily activities, and your skin care routine.

How can I get my eyebrows to grow faster?

The age-old question. You can get better growth by applying any brow conditioner or serum to the area frequently. Avoid over-waxing or tweezing to ensure optimal growth.

What do I do if I’m not getting the results I want?

Because of the natural brows we are working with, sometimes it’s not possible to achieve the exact result you may be after. Ultimately, it depends on your natural brow structure, and what we have to work with. This is why visiting for a consultation beforehand is crucial to the process.

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Is Brow Henna the Same as Body Henna?

No; we use a plant-based type of henna that is formulated for just your brows.

How Long Does Henna Last?

Henna lasts an average of 1 week on the skin, and 6-7 weeks on the hair.

Are Lash Lifts, Lash Perms, and Yumi Lifts the Same?

No. A lash lift provides both lift and curl. A lash perm provides a tighter curl to the lashes with minimal lift. A Yumi lift is a keratin-based treatment that allows a straighter lift with minimal curl.

Will a Lash Lift Damage My Lashes?

No. Done correctly and given the appropriate 6-8 weeks between lash lifting appointments, your lashes will not be damaged.

Can I Wear Mascara over My Eyelash Extensions?

No, as general mascaras are not suitable for application over extensions. But there are mascaras on the market that are formulated specifically for lash extensions. These mascaras are perfectly fine for use with lash extensions.

How Long Does a Lash Colour Last

A lash tint will last 3-4 weeks.