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Brow Tint

Brow Tint

Sometimes, creating the look you’re after – while blending in with your current skin tone and hair – is a difficult thing to achieve. As experts in the field, we’re experienced in helping our clients establish the exact brow colour they’re after. We do this by using carefully refined palettes that are perfected from the outset.

At the beginning of the session, we’ll sit with you to discuss the look you’re aiming for, and then explain exactly how we intend on achieving this for you. We understand that the right colour brows make all the difference to your confidence by adding depth to sparse areas, ensuring that the result is exactly what you expected (if not more).

Safe, gentle formulas

At the core of our offering, we use only the most gentle and careful products for our services. That includes formulas that don’t feature any harsh chemicals or nasties, allowing you complete peace of mind.

For the deep blues to the soft browns

Whether you’ve got those dreamy blue eyes or intense hazels – our brow colouring service is completely customised to ensure exact results. That means we work around your existing complexion and features to create an outcome that blends flawlessly, not stands out where it shouldn’t. Combining the very best parts of your eyes and skin tones, we transform your look into something that exceeds your expectations.

Note: A brow colour will last up to 2-3 weeks. This depends on hair and skin types, daily activities, and your skin care routine.

Brow Lightening


As the warmer seasons roll in and we ditch our blankets for beach towels, it’s only natural we feel like swapping out our look too. Usually, that means opting for a new hair colour, but why not mix things up with your brows also?

What is brow lightening?

This nifty technique allows you to achieve a lighter brow tone just in time for the new season. Enjoy several months of a new ‘you’ with a refreshed look that turns heads. With plenty of hot weather and sunshine at play, this is a popular method for naturally creating a tonal change. Watch as your ash-based tones transform into a soft, sun-kissed shade that warms up your brows, blending perfectly with your skin. Whether you’re a brunette looking to make your eyes pop, or a blonde wanting to redefine your touch – This is perfect for clients who have changed their hair colour and for clients who naturally have darker tones in their brows.

How does it work?

If your brows are currently dark, we work to make sure the new shade complements your goals. If you have a lighter shade, we do the same, creating seamless results that make you look younger and more refreshed.

Additionally, this method is also a great way to warm up your hair tone if you feel it needs more depth. Adding warmer tones into the hair of your brows creates subtle, auburn tones that are to die for, or can alternatively achieve any other result you’re seeking out. For example, if you have darker, blacker eyebrows, but want to aim for a softer brown, this is the perfect path to take.

Need a cherry on top of all that? Brow lightening can also help make your current tint last longer. As we create your new look, it opens the hair shafts, allowing the pigments in the shade to penetrate the area more effectively. Win-win!