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Winged Eye Liner Lash Extension

Winged Eye Liner Look Classic Lash Extension

Looking for a way to enhance your natural lashes without breaking the bank or spending hours in the salon chair? Our winged liner looks half set lash extensions are the perfect solution! This technique adds length and fullness to just the outer corners of your eyes, giving you a subtle winged liner look without the hassle of applying eyeliner. Plus, it’s a cost-effective option that’s suitable for every eye shape.

With our expert technicians, you can trust that your half set will be customized to your unique eye shape and preferences, giving you a beautiful, natural-looking result that lifts your eye shape to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. It’s the perfect choice for those who want a subtle but noticeable enhancement to their natural lashes.

For clients with blonde and straight natural lashes, we recommend our combo service that includes a lash lift and tint in addition to the half-set lash extensions. This will help to further enhance the curl and colour of your natural lashes, giving you a more dramatic and long-lasting result.

If you have blonde and curly natural lashes, our lash tint and half set lash extensions service is the perfect choice. The tint will help to darken and enhance the natural colour of your lashes, while the half set will add just the right amount of length and fullness to give you that beautiful, winged liner look.

Don’t wait – book your winged liner look half set lash extensions today and experience the difference for yourself!