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Brows of Ardour (Brow Shaping Without Tint)

Brows of Ardour - Brow Shaping Without Tint


If you’re looking for perfectly shaped and tamed brows without the tint, then look no further than our “Brows of Ardour”. Brows of Ardour is a 20-minute brow shaping service designed for those who are already pleased with their current brow colour but still desire a clean and well defined look. Brows of Ardour will give you flawlessly shaped brows that will frame your face and give you the look you’ve always wanted. The truth is, life is too short to put up with bad brows!

Whether your source of brow pain is from overplucking, untidy, overgrown brows or you might already have great brows but you want to maintain your look. Whatever your needs, our dedicated team of Ardour Artists will guide you through the brow restoration and maintenance process.

What it includes

  • 20 minutes with one of our experienced brow artists
  • Our precision 5-way wax to clean around the brow
  • Specialist tweezer techniques to shape and define
  • Coaching to help you understand how to maintain the look

Book in your service today and discover how you can transform your brows. Literally, a pair of well sculpted brows can enhance your beauty and feel more confident. Before you know it, you won’t be able to pass your mirror without taking another glance at yourself.

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