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Eyelash Extensions Moonee Ponds

Eyelash Extensions in Moonee Ponds: Get the Eyelashes you’ve Always Wanted!

Are you tired of applying mascara every day, or having false lashes that don’t stick? Eyelash extensions in Moonee Ponds may be your solution. Semi-permanent extensions can be attached to your natural lashes to give you longer, fuller lashes. This blog post will cover all aspects of eyelash extensions.

What are Eyelash Extensions in Moonee Ponds

Individual eyelash extensions attach to your natural lashes with a special adhesive. You can customise your look by choosing from a variety of lengths, thicknesses and styles. Eyelash extensions are not applied in a cluster or as a single strip. They apply each lash individually for a natural look.

How are eyelash extensions placed?

A trained technician will apply eyelash extensions. The technician will place the lashes on your lids using a special adhesive. This process can take up to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the lashes and the method used.

How long do eyelash extensions in Moonee Ponds last

The length of eyelash extensions will vary depending on how the individual’s natural lash cycle is and what aftercare they receive. Your natural lashes will lose their extensions over time, so it is important to have touch-ups every few months to keep your desired look intact.

How do I maintain my eyelash extensions?

Aftercare is essential for maintaining your eyelash extensions. These are some tips to remember:

To allow the adhesive to fully set, avoid letting your lashes get wet for at least 24 hours.
Avoid oil-based products and makeup around your eyes, as they can weaken the bond between them.

You can gently clean your lashes with a mild cleanser every day, but don’t rub or pull them.
Use a mascara brush to gently brush your lashes each day.

Eyelash Extensions: Are they safe and effective?

When eyelash extensions are applied properly by a trained technician in Moonee Ponds and correctly applied to your eyes they can be considered safe. There may be allergic reactions or irritation due to the adhesive. It is important to choose a salon that uses high-quality products and follows proper sanitation practices in order to minimise these risks.


For those who want to improve their natural lashes, eyelash extensions can make a big difference. These low-maintenance looks can last for several weeks with proper aftercare and minimal upkeep. Do your research to find an experienced technician and salon that can give you the desired look.

The Eyelash Extensions Guide: Common Questions

What should I expect from the eyelash extension process?

You will lie down while your trained technician applies individual eyelashes to your natural Moonee Ponds lashes using a special adhesive. It could take up to an hour, depending on how many lashes are needed.

How long can eyelash extensions last for?

Depending on the length of your natural lash growth cycle, and how you care for them, eyelash extensions can last between 3-4 weeks.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

Yes, but it is best to avoid using oily products on the extensions and not to apply mascara directly.

Is eyelash extension safe?

Eyelash extensions can be safely applied by a skilled lash technician. There is a slight risk of irritation or allergic reaction to the adhesive.

How do I maintain my eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions need proper aftercare to stay healthy and separate. Avoid oil-based products and use a gentle cleanser to clean your lashes every day. Brush your lashes with a mascara brush each day to remove any stray hairs.

Can I remove my eyelash extension at home?

It is not recommended to do this by yourself, as it can cause damage to natural lashes. To get the best results, it is best to have them professionally removed.