Ardour Brows and Lashes: Elevate Your Look with a Stunning Lash Lift

Lash Lift

Lash Lift


Are your lashes stubborn and downward facing?

And… You’re not necessarily after lash extensions, but you want to add more definition and curl to your natural lashes?

Well… “Lash Lifts” might be just what you’re after!

So, what’s a lash lift you might be asking?

Lash lifting works by setting the natural shape of your top-line lashes into a more defined look. Think old-school, mechanic curlers, without the damage or hassle. The end result is a realistic curl that’s to die for, blending it all in with a luxe shape and long-term appeal.

Ditching the need for harsh chemicals and nasties, our formula gently lifts your lashes to give them a whole new look. The product is carefully formulated to stay in place where it’s applied, allowing you to have long-lasting, distinct results.

While your treatment only takes 30 minutes to complete, the results last between 6-8 weeks.

Want to know if this is for you? Please read on…

Who is this for?

It’s for women who have long but straight lashes and want a more dramatic effect.

It’s for women who are after quick and painless treatment to extend the look of their lashes.

It’s for women who might not necessarily have the time required for lash extension maintenance.
Your lashes will be in place for 6-8 weeks depending on each individual

It’s for women who don’t have time to deal with long tedious and complex morning routines.

AND It’s for women who want worry-free set and forget lashes, so they can focus on enjoying the finer things in life!

If you believe your lashes are very short, lash extensions might be a better alternative for you. Please have a chat to our friendly Ardour Artist if you’d like to learn more.

How does it work?

We use a simple 6-step process:

Step 1: Initial consultation so we can understand your needs and get you the results you want.
Step 2: Cleanse your eye area and place a silicon rod onto your eyelids.
Step 3: Softening and straightening solution application to relax your top line lash hairs and get them ready for styling.
Step 4: Your lashes are curled over with a lifter.
Step 5: Styling solution is applied which fixes your lash hairs for up to 6-8 weeks.
Step 6: Keratin-based nutrient solution is applied to recover, protect and moisturise your lash hairs.

Your lashes will definitely be thanking you for this one.

Just remember to avoid water contact or any sporting activities which may result in sweating around your lash area for at least 24 hours after your lash lift procedure.

We highly recommend pairing your lash lift with a lash colour (tint) to further widen up your eyes and complement your look. Tip: Lash Lift & Colour can be purchased together under our Swanky Six packages and will give you more value for your money. Lash serum can be used to nourish and strengthen your lashes post-treatment.

Not Enough? You can add “Brows of Ardour” with “Henna Brow Colour” to give you the ultimate brow and lash makeover!

How do our clients feel about "Lash Lifts"?

They’re no longer worrying about how their lashes will look once they see themselves in the mirror, and there’s no touch up required in between visits. The rest of the time they’re enjoying life and feeling great with how their beautiful lashes curl up over their eyelids.

This lash lift treatment is exactly what’s working for our clients right now.

You’ll feel the confidence knowing you will walk out of our salons with gorgeous yet natural looking lashes, every time…

WITHOUT the worry of unattractive downward facing lashes.

WITHOUT the hassles of weekly or even daily lash maintenance.

WITHOUT the fear of your lashes wilting when applying mascara.

WITHOUT the stress of running out of time with your morning routine.