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Lash Tint

Lash Tint


Whether you’re a natural blonde or just looking for more definition, our eyelash colour services are designed to give more richness to your natural set. We use only the highest-quality formulas. Relax with a treatment that lets you walk out the door with a whole new colour that will turn heads.

Highly customised just for you

We understand that not every colour suits every single person, so we initiate a careful colour matching process to custom blend a shade that suits you best. Enhance your skin tone and eye colour that takes your lashes to a whole new level.

Best of all, using this service also means you can ditch the unnecessary process of mascara in the morning – if you opt for a darker shade. Alternatively, use mascara for extra drama and volume.

Get the full look and try The Ardour Signature and Lash Lift.

How does it work?

Lash colour works by employing a specialised tint that’s gentle, non-abrasive and highly effective. Designed to be the ‘happy medium’ between false lashes and mascara, colouring lets you get the long-lashed look at an affordable price point.

During the process, our Ardour Artists will carefully apply the tint to your lashes and monitor it closely for approximately 10 minutes. The method is painless and comfortable, so you can relax knowing you’re in more than capable hands. At the end, we’ll ensure each strand has been covered adequately, and guide you into maintaining the look.

Additional benefits include:

  • The process only takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Achieve a look that seems as if you’re wearing mascara when you’re not
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Cuts down time applying makeup
  • Eliminates the ‘drawn on’ look you can get from using pencil
  • Gain the exact shade and look you’ve been longing for.

How Long Does A Lash Colour Last?

A lash colour will last 3-4 weeks

Ready to grab your colour?

Bat those lashes and colour them to a shade that suits you perfectly. Let our expert Ardour Artists create the ultimate look, specifically for you and your goals. Book your appointment at ARDOUR now.