Coloured Lash Extensions: Add a Pop of Style to Your Look!

Add a Pop of Colour with Coloured lash Extensions.

coloured lash extensions

Coloured lash extensions are taking the beauty world by storm! While classic black lash extensions enhance your natural lashes beautifully, coloured options add an extra pop of vibrancy and self-expression.

What are Coloured Eyelash Extensions?

Coloured lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic eyelash extensions that come in a rainbow of dazzling hues. They are applied to your natural lashes one-by-one by a trained professional using a high quality, long-lasting adhesive.Coloured lash extensions come in every color you can imagine – jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and amethyst, bright shades like electric pink and neon orange, and natural hues like copper and chocolate brown. The options are endless!

Benefits of Coloured EyeLash Extensions

There are so many reasons to give colored lash extensions a try:
– Enhance your eye colour – Certain shades can make your eye color pop like never before. For example, plum lashes make hazel and green eyes dazzle, while royal blue accentuates blue eyes beautifully.
– Complement your style – Match your lashes to your hair color or an outfit for a perfectly coordinated look. Electric blue lashes are fabulous with an all black ensemble.
– Make a statement – Vibrant lashes command attention. They’re perfect for parties, events, concerts and more. Go bold and let your lashes do the talking!
-Change up your look- Coloured lashes are a no-fuss way to transform your whole appearance. You can go from a natural daytime vibe to dramatic night-out glam with a single lash change.
– Skip the makeup – Ditch the mascara, eyeshadow and liner. With a set of coloured lashes, you can roll out of bed looking glam-ready.
– Showcase your personality – Coloured lashes allow you to express yourself in a fun, creative way. They are a form of art and self-expression.
– Get a fresh look- Trying coloured lashes is an easy way to rejuvenate your beauty routine without being too drastic.

How to Choose the Perfect Coloured Lashes

With so many gorgeous options, how do you choose the perfect shades for you? Here are some tips:
– Consider your eye colour – Look for shades that make your natural eye color pop. Jewel tones bring out brown eyes while cool pastels accentuate blue eyes.
– Match with your hair – Complement bold hair colors with equally vibrant lashes in coordinating shades. For example, try rose gold lashes with pastel pink hair.
– Occasion matters – Save the wild rainbow look for festivals and go for a subtle ombre for a wedding. Think about when you’ll wear your lashes.
– Start subtle – If you’re new to coloured lashes, begin with soft or neutral shades like copper, champagne or taupe. Slowly work up to more dramatic hues.
– Consult a pro – Book a consultation with a lash stylist. They can assess your features and style to suggest the most flattering lash colors for you.
– For blue eyes- Enhance their natural coolness with shades of gold or pink.
– For green eyes – Purple and deep red shades can make them pop.
– For a night out- Match your lashes to your outfit for a coordinated, chic look.

Caring for Coloured Lash Extensions

Coloured lash extensions require the same gentle care as traditional lashes to keep them looking their best:
– Use an oil-free makeup remover – Oil-based products will break down the adhesive and shorten the life of lashes.
– Avoid waterproof eye makeup – The ingredients can loosen the bond between your natural and extension lashes.
– Be extra gentle – Take care when washing your face, applying makeup and removing eye makeup.
– No mascara – It can cause clumping and speed up lash loss.
– Brush daily – Gently brush lashes to remove any dirt or makeup residue.
– See your lash artist regularly – Touch up appointments keep your extensions looking perfect.
– Maintain the vibrancy – Always opt for oil-free makeup removers to preserve the colour.
– Daily care – A gentle brush can help keep them looking neat and vibrant.
– Regular touch-ups- Just like classic extensions, colored ones may need occasional touch-ups.

Are Coloured Lashes Right for You?

While coloured lashes aren’t for everyone, they’re definitely worth trying if you:
– Love experimenting with different beauty looks
– Want to make a statement with your style
– Have a special event coming up
– Are bored of your everyday makeup routine

1. What are coloured lash extensions?

Coloured lash extensions are a type of eyelash extension that come in various shades, such as pink, blue, purple, and more. They are used to add a pop of colour to your lashes and enhance your overall eye look.

2. Can coloured lash extensions be mixed with regular lash extensions?

Yes, coloured lash extensions can be mixed with regular lash extensions to create a unique and customized look. You can choose to have a mix of colours or simply add a few colored lashes as accents.

3. Are colored lash extensions suitable for all eye colors?

Yes, coloured lash extensions can complement any eye colour. Whether you have blue, brown, green, or any other eye colour, there are coloured lash options that will make your eyes pop.

4. How long do coloured lash extensions last?

Coloured lash extensions typically last as long as regular lash extensions, which is about 2 to 4 weeks. However, the longevity of the extensions also depends on factors such as your natural lash growth cycle and how well you maintain them.

5. Can I choose different colours for each individual lash?

Yes, you can choose different colours for each individual lash if you want to create a vibrant and unique lash look. Your lash artist can help you select and apply the colours to achieve your desired effect.

6. Are coloured lash extensions suitable for everyday wear or just special occasions?

Coloured lash extensions can be worn for both everyday occasions and special events. If you prefer a subtle look, you can opt for colors that blend well with your natural lashes. For those who want to make a bold statement, vibrant colours are a great option.

7. Can I wear coloured lash extensions if I already have lash extensions?

If you already have lash extensions, you can add coloured lash extensions to create a pop of colour. The coloured lashes can be applied on top of your existing lash sets to enhance your overall look.

8. Will coloured lash extensions work with different eyelash extension styles?

Coloured lash extensions can be used with various eyelash extension styles, whether it’s classic lashes, volume lashes, or hybrid lashes. Your lash artist can help you select the best style
– Feel confident rocking vibrant makeup
– Want to enhance your eye colour

The Takeaway

Coloured lash extensions let you showcase your personality with a fun pop of instant glam. They’re low-maintenance, customizable and endlessly versatile. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of vibrant lash colors, book a session with our expert lash artists today. We can’t wait to collaborate with you on creating your dream set of coloured extensions!


Add a Pop of Colour with Coloured lash Extensions.