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    • Very gentle & very well skilled - I was thrilled with my brows & lashes and will most definitely be returning to Brow Bar Hampton St.
      Saabina Forrester
    • A fantastic job as always. I love the result.
      Carolyn Sandiford
    • My brows have never looked this good!!
      Jackie Alford
    • Best my brows have ever looked. The beauticians was incredible and delivered everything that I asked. Amazing customer service.
      Lauren Alford
    • First time ive been here and i will definitely be back!.
      Rachael Sargent

    Do Your Brows Need Some Tender, Love and Care?

    Ever come out of a brow salon disappointed with the end result?

    If this is you… you’re not alone! Nearly every woman knows the pain of having bad eyebrows.

    We understand, it’s really hard to trust someone with your brows… your brows are so important in framing your face and it shouldn’t be left to chance.

    When it comes to brow shaping there is only word… CONSISTENCY!

    You want consistency with the outcomes of your brow shaping, knowing that you will get the same results every single time.

    We believe consistency begins with listening and understanding your current brow problems which are unique to you. For this reason, our brow artists won’t even touch your brows until we have seen you for your initial consultation.

    This complimentary brow consultation is for you, if you answered “YES” to the following:

    • You’ve experienced the pain of brow trauma
    • You’re serious about transforming the look of your brows
    • You’ve tried other salons and have not found consistency
    • You want an artist who you can trust

    What’s does the consultation cover?

    Our consultation is a perfect way for us to gain an understanding of what you’re wanting to achieve with your brows as well as any goals or concerns you may have with them.

    We begin the consultation by asking you a few short questions to learn more about you and your current brow routine.

    We then look at the alignment of your brows and the custom blend colour.

    Alignment of your brows:

    This allows us to show you where your brows should be starting, arching and ending to create the perfect shape for your face. This also helps to inform the client of what hairs we will be taking as well as any hairs we may need to leave to further help fill out the brows!

    Custom blend colour:

    We will discuss the different options we have when it comes to tinting your brows to find the perfect shade to match your natural hair tone.

    If you have any questions or concerns after your consultation our brow specialists are always happy to answer them.

    But why should you choose us?


    Our brow artists are highly skilled professionals who have mastered the artistry to achieve long-lasting perfect eyebrows.


    Quality is assured through extensive training and mentoring. All of our brow artists have undergone and continue to have extensive training and mentoring by our master trainer. We guarantee all of our work.


    We don’t even touch your brows until you’ve had an opportunity to look at them and evaluate their condition. If your brows are not suitable for shaping we will advise you to grow them out until they are ready.

    Gone are the days of wondering what beautiful brows would actually look like. Here’s your chance to meet your brow specialist and learn more about the services available to you before your treatment.

    Click on the link to book your 15-minute complimentary consultation with one of our brow specialists and discover how you can bring your brows back to life!

    We are located at 161A Williams Road, South Yarra (South Yarra Salon) & 630 Hampton Street, Brighton (Brighton Salon).

      Fill In The Form Below To Secure Your 15-Minute Complimentary Brow Consultation

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