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A Dreamy Eyelash Extensions Sandringham

With eyelash extensions, your eyelashes are made longer, fuller, and more luxurious without using mascara, false eyelashes, or other products. Not only that, having this can also make your face look younger.

If this makes you want to get our Eyelash Extensions Sandringham service, read on to know more!

Who Needs Eyelash Extensions Sandringham?

In general, false lashes come in strips that you glue over your natural lash line and remove at night. Meanwhile, an eyelash extension is a longer-lasting solution if you want dreamier and fuller-looking lashes.

It consists of individual fibers attached to each natural lash one at a time. Typically, eyelash extensions last six weeks to two months after application, which is the average growth cycle of natural eyelashes.

Plus, our eyelash solutions come best with our Hybrid Brow Dye Sandringham. Not only do you need dreamier lashes, but you also need fuller and more well-defined brows to complete the look.

Benefits of Getting Eyelash Extensions

Here are some perks you can get when you avail of our Eyelash Extensions Sandringham service!

1. Effortless Beautiful Lashes That Make You Feel Confident

The right eyelash extensions will enhance your lashes‘ fullness, length, and flutter at all times. The best thing about lash extensions is that you can wake up every morning with beautiful lashes without putting too much effort.

Aside from saving your energy, the attractive semi-permanent lashes can give you the confidence boost you need whenever you go outside.

2. Say Goodbye to Mascara

You read that right! You’ll no longer have to worry about smudging, flaking, running, or panicking over one of your eyes having a longer lash. You can forget about mascara after getting your lash extensions. This will also save you time and money!

3. Customisable and Long-Lasting

You can customise your lash extensions to suit your desired look. You can discuss your lash goals with us, and we can customise the length, color, and curl pattern accordingly. Further, they are long-lasting and can stay for up to two to three weeks with proper care.

You can also check on our Hybrid Brow Dye Sandringham for a more enhanced look. Due to the dye’s deep penetration into the brow hairs, this new treatment will last much longer than regular tints.

The Hybrid Brow Dye Sandringham will remain on the skin for two weeks and the brow hairs for 6-7 weeks (depending on your hair growth cycle)! This is the only kind on the market with the same long-lasting effects as henna.

Types of Eyelash Extensions You Can Get

You can get different eyelash extension looks from us. Here are your options:

1. Classic: Applied on a 1:1 ratio and is the most natural-looking
2. Volume: Multiple finer lash extensions are added to achieve a voluminous look
3. Hybrid: Combination of classic and volume extensions to create a wispy scene
4. Mega Volume: 7-16 lash extensions added to each natural lash for super dramatic eyes

Visit Our Brow Salon Near Sandringham

Ready to get fuller eyelashes and more defined brows? Visit our brow salon near Sandringham at 630 Hampton Street Brighton, VIC 3186, corner of Hampton street and Ratho avenue.

Parking is available for you on Ratho avenue and along Sandringham street.

Achieve Beautiful Lashes With Us!

Would you like to have beautiful and enchanting lashes? We provide a range of Full-Set Eyelash Extensions in our brow salon near Sandringham to suit your unique needs and preferences!


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  • After googling and contacting every lash salon in Melbourne, in search of an expert in wetlook lashes, I discovered Ardour Brows & Lashes. For over two years now Sanaz has been my lash technician and brow expert. She is the best in the beauty business. At my very first appointment she understood the natural lash extensions look and subtle brow shape I desired. Sanaz's attention to detail is exceptional and her warm and friendly personality is beautiful. From the amazing service to the adorable decor, my experience at Ardour Brows & Lashes is always wonderful. And I'm constantly receiving compliments by friends and strangers on my lovely lashes thanks to Sanaz. ❤
    Jess V
  • Very gentle & very well skilled - I was thrilled with my brows & lashes and will most definitely be returning to Brow Bar Hampton St.
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