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Lash & Brow Bar Near Windsor

Are you wondering if there is any lash & brow bar near Windsor? Drop by ARDOUR Brows and Lashes where all your lash and brow needs will be met. Whether you want to take advantage of our brow lamination service in Windsor or eyelash extensions near you in Windsor, you’ll get the best results with us.

Discover More Services from Our Brow Lamination Windsor Salon

If you are looking for an eyebrow waxing salon in Windsor, you can visit ARDOUR. Here you will enjoy the following brow services:

Brow Lamination

Are you tired of unruly brows? Our brow lamination is all about grooming, shaping, and styling your brows to achieve a uniform look. This semi-permanent treatment will help you save countless hours of shaving, plucking, and grooming your hair manually.

Brow Tint

Find the perfect tint for your brows to match your overall look with our Brow Tint services. Our experts will help you find the ideal shade to complement your eyes, skin, and hair. It doesn’t matter if you want to try it one time or want to change your brow tint with each season, we’ll make it happen.

Men’s Brows

Even men want to look their best. At ARDOUR, we will help you achieve shapely and well-groomed brows for a more natural look. Our eyebrow waxing experts in Windsor will give your brows the pampering they need from trimming and waxing to shaping. Gain more confidence with the perfect brows courtesy of our experts.

Lash Lift and Tint Windsor and More at ARDOUR

Aside from brows, ARDOUR can also add style and curvature to your lashes. In fact, here are the services that you can enjoy with our salon at Windsor.

Lash Lift and Tint Windsor

Are your lashes drooping? Choose our lash lift service in Windsor to make your eyes appear bigger. Our experts will help style and add more curves to your lashes to make your eyes pop. You don’t have to use your lash curlers anymore! Our lash tint service can get your lashes to the same shade as your brows or complement them.

Eyelash Extensions Windsor

Don’t let sparse lashes bother you anymore. Our eyelash extensions service in Windsor will help you achieve fuller lashes minus the hassle. Our experts will carefully apply the extensions to give you that natural look. With our lash extensions service in Windsor, you will feel more confident with your overall look.

Why Choose ARDOUR Lash & Brow Bar?

When searching for a lash & brow bar near Windsor, choose ARDOUR. Our salon is designed to provide your brows and lashes with the pampering they need. We are professionals with years of experience to help you achieve beautiful lashes and shapely brows.

Whether you want brow waxing or lash extensions in Windsor, we will take care of you. We guarantee that you will step out of our salon more confidently once you experience our brow and lash lift services in Windsor.


  • First time ive been here and i will definitely be back!.
    Rachael Sargent
  • After googling and contacting every lash salon in Melbourne, in search of an expert in wetlook lashes, I discovered Ardour Brows & Lashes. For over two years now Sanaz has been my lash technician and brow expert. She is the best in the beauty business. At my very first appointment she understood the natural lash extensions look and subtle brow shape I desired. Sanaz's attention to detail is exceptional and her warm and friendly personality is beautiful. From the amazing service to the adorable decor, my experience at Ardour Brows & Lashes is always wonderful. And I'm constantly receiving compliments by friends and strangers on my lovely lashes thanks to Sanaz. ❤
    Jess V
  • Very gentle & very well skilled - I was thrilled with my brows & lashes and will most definitely be returning to Brow Bar Hampton St.
    Saabina Forrester